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 Commercial documents >> Pricision Bio-signals protector

 Pricision Bio-signals protector
Pricision Bio-signals protector
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Three Leads Six Chanels Pricision Bio-signals protector

It is hard work detecting bio-signals of lives, because there is too much interference on the lives.
The detector has high performance because the newest chips have been adopted in the detector, so that it could be suitable for detecting and recording and analyzing EEG, ECG, fetal ECG, myoelectricity and surface potential of a human.
The modules of the detector, such as low noise DC/DC converter, precision pre-amplifier, precision double-T active notch filter for power-line interference and precision 3-order all pole low-pass filter, could be used independently because they have the high performances. And all modules could be designed according to client requirements.

Main features
⒗ Ultra-low noise pre-amplifer, could be satisfied with requirements of biomedical detecting.
⒗ Single power input and ultra-low noise DCDC converter, raising battery efficiency.
⒗ Supply independent 3 leads and 6 channels signals directly, reducing the work of software.
⒗ Analog to digital converts six channels signal simultaneously with sample 1000Hz.
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