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AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer KIT
 SC~RWP3: AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer (9 Sockets) 
 SC~RWP2A: AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer an d KIT 
 AT88SCXXXXCRF Reader/Programmer 
 Evaluator of applying AT88SC0104C in FPGA/CPLD 
Cracking/decrypting SLE4442/ SLE4428/ AT88SC102
 SLE4442 /4428 /AT88SC 102 /1604 /1604B 
Decrypt/decode/crack RF smart card
 RFID Card(E4100) 
 The set of cracking password of T5557/T5567/T5577 
 The set of copying T5557/T5567/T5577 
 Copying set for MF1/Mifare 1 card 
Clone/copy/Simulating replacing ROMs of TM Car
 Copying set for DS1990 
 Simulating replacement for DS1990/DS1990A(256ROMs) 
 Deciphering set for DS1991 with copying function 
 The simulating replacement for DS1991L 
 The copying set for DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502/ DS2502U 
 Simulating replacing DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502 DS2502U 
 The copying set for DS1985/DS1985U/DS2505/ DS2505U 
 Simulating replacing DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502 DS2502U 
IC/IC Card
 T5567 Card 
 T5567 buttom 
IC Card Reader
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 AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer KIT >>  >> 9 SOCKETS USB AT88SCXXXX (AT88SC0104CA/ AT88SC0104C ~1616C/ CA~ 25616C/ CA) Reader/programmer and KIT (including C program)
 9 SOCKETS USB AT88SCXXXX (AT88SC0104CA/ AT88SC0104C ~1616C/ CA~ 25616C/ CA) Reader/programmer and KIT (including C program)
 AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer KIT

9 SOP-8 SOCKETS USB AT88SCXXXX (AT88SC0104/AT88SC0104C/AT88SC0104CA~ AT88SC1616C ~AT88SC25616C) Reader/ program and KIT(including C language program)
    To be used for single or a lot of AT88SC0104C/AT88SC0104CA~AT88SC25616C/AT88SC25616CA to be programmed fastly.

    Supply programs of authentication, read, write CryptoMemory AT88SC0104C~25616C in C language.
    USB interface.
    Can be used without personal computer independently.
    9 SOP-8 SOCKETS are made in Japan.
    The design data of setting AT88SCXXXX is saved in a file.
    Not only can be suitable to AT88SC0104C~25616C but also AT88SC0104CA~25616CA.


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