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AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer KIT
 SC~RWP3: AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer (9 Sockets) 
 SC~RWP2A: AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer an d KIT 
 AT88SCXXXXCRF Reader/Programmer 
 Evaluator of applying AT88SC0104C in FPGA/CPLD 
Cracking/decrypting SLE4442/ SLE4428/ AT88SC102
 SLE4442 /4428 /AT88SC 102 /1604 /1604B 
Decrypt/decode/crack RF smart card
 RFID Card(E4100) 
 The set of cracking password of T5557/T5567/T5577 
 The set of copying T5557/T5567/T5577 
 Copying set for MF1/Mifare 1 card 
Clone/copy/Simulating replacing ROMs of TM Car
 Copying set for DS1990 
 Simulating replacement for DS1990/DS1990A(256ROMs) 
 Deciphering set for DS1991 with copying function 
 The simulating replacement for DS1991L 
 The copying set for DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502/ DS2502U 
 Simulating replacing DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502 DS2502U 
 The copying set for DS1985/DS1985U/DS2505/ DS2505U 
 Simulating replacing DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502 DS2502U 
IC/IC Card
 T5567 Card 
 T5567 buttom 
IC Card Reader
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 Decrypt/decode/crack RF smart card >> MF1-S50 Card Multi-function Quick 16 sectors Copier
 MF1-S50 Card Multi-function Quick 16 sectors Copier
 Copy S50 card quickly after knowing passwords
 Decrypt/decode/crack RF smart card

MF1-S50 Card Multi-function Quick Copier

Do not do any illegal things please!
The set is used for you to save data, read data, initialise new cards, copy data.
Main functions:
1. To all sectors known passwords, it is less than one second for you to write or read 16 sectors only to press a button one time.
2. As the basic function: you could read data and save the data into the set, in which the data is not lost when the set is powered off. And you could write all data saved in the set into your cards also.
3. As the extend function: you could write all data and passwords and control bytes into the cards quickly to initialise new cards or to recover old cards.

4. You could download passwords and contol bytes and data to the set with a personal computer, and the data is not lost when the set is powered off.
5. You could rewrite the UID of the cards which UID can be modified.
6. The set can be used alone without personal computer.
7. The set can be supply the power by a battery.

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