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AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer KIT
 SC~RWP3: AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer (9 Sockets) 
 SC~RWP2A: AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer an d KIT 
 AT88SCXXXXCRF Reader/Programmer 
 Evaluator of applying AT88SC0104C in FPGA/CPLD 
Cracking/decrypting SLE4442/ SLE4428/ AT88SC102
 SLE4442 /4428 /AT88SC 102 /1604 /1604B 
Decrypt/decode/crack RF smart card
 RFID Card(E4100) 
 The set of cracking password of T5557/T5567/T5577 
 The set of copying T5557/T5567/T5577 
 Copying set for MF1/Mifare 1 card 
Clone/copy/Simulating replacing ROMs of TM Car
 Copying set for DS1990 
 Simulating replacement for DS1990/DS1990A(256ROMs) 
 Deciphering set for DS1991 with copying function 
 The simulating replacement for DS1991L 
 The copying set for DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502/ DS2502U 
 Simulating replacing DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502 DS2502U 
 The copying set for DS1985/DS1985U/DS2505/ DS2505U 
 Simulating replacing DS1982/DS1982U/DS2502 DS2502U 
IC/IC Card
 T5567 Card 
 T5567 buttom 
IC Card Reader
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 AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer KIT >> ATSHA204A/ATSHA204 Programmer/KIT/Reader/AT88SA10x
 ATSHA204A/ATSHA204 Programmer/KIT/Reader/AT88SA10x
 AT88SCXXXX Reader/Programmer KIT

              ATSHA204/ATSHA204A Programmer/KIT/evaluator suitable to AT88SA102S/AT88SA100H/AT88SA10x    
    AT88SA10x serial products and ATSHA204A/ATSHA204 are the new CryptoAuthentication chip by ATMEL. It is the first small standard product to implement the SHA-256 hash algorithm, which is part of the latest set of recommended algorithms by the US Government. The 256-bit key space renders any exhaustive attacks impossible.

    SC-AT88SA10x programmer/evaluator/KIT is used for you to develop ATSHA204/AT88SA102S/AT88SA100H/ATSHA204 (include SOT-23\SOP8\DIP8) very easily.

1. USB interface.
2. Read or write Fuse and ROM, program Status Fuse and Secret Fuse on personal computer.
3. Verify MAC on personal computer.
4. Could program without personal computer.
Supply C language program.
6. The engineer will help you to use the chip.

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