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Decode of SLE4442_4428/AT88SC102_1604_1604B
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Cryptograph Test Device of IC CardSLE4442/SLE4428/AT88SC102/AT88SC1604/AT88SC1604B
1.      Power up
1)        Connect to the power line(220V/110V)or switch the battery on. The device is in the state of test SLE4442 with “2” rotating rightward.
2)        Press “test” and “reset” at the same time, release “reset” first and then “test”. The device is in the state of test SLE4428 with “8” rotating leftward.
3)        Press “review” and “reset”, release “reset” first and then “review”. The device is in the state of tracking test SLE4442 with “22” rotating rightward.
4)        Press “test”, “review” and “reset” at the same time, release “reset” first, and then “test” and “review”. The device is in the state of tracking test SLE4428 with “88” rotating leftward.
5)        Pressing “reset” has the same function as reconnection.
Note: Please choose the corresponding test mode according to the requirement.
2.      Cryptograph Test
1)      Insert the encrypted IC Card (functional) into the slot of the device with the metal pin toward the operator.
2)      Press “test”.
3)      Quickly insert the detecting circuit board into the IC Card’s reader-writer with the same direction of the metal pin as the IC Card. (The procedures like issuing card and writing card should be operated on some untested systems to ensure the emergence of the cryptograph verification procedure.) The result will be indicated steadily after “00”.
4)      The digits of the indicated cryptograph should coincide with the corresponding state of the device. In the state of tracking test, the device will rotate two cryptographs. When the green light is off, the cryptograph verified by the system appears, conversely, the modified one displayed.
5)      If the device is encrypted, the real cryptograph will be obtained after a hexadecimal addition applied between the cryptograph indicated by the device and the “key”. The two highest digits of SLE4428 should be omitted. (Note: The demand of the device encryption should be proposed at the time of purchase with provided “key”.   
3. Cryptograph Review
1)      Press “review” to indicate the result of the last test.
2)      The digits of the indicated cryptograph should coincide with the corresponding state of the device.
3)      When the green light is on, the cryptograph modified by the system appears.
4.    Attentions
1)      In case of no test result, please make sure the detection circuit board is inserted properly.
2)      Please make sure the cryptograph verification procedure of the tested card reader is launched. Try to operate this device first then start the tested reader-writer of IC Card.
3)      If the cryptograph tested by the device fails to pass the authentication of the cryptograph of IC Card, the tested system should be checked to confirm if the function of cryptograph modification is available. The tracking test may be started for retest.
4)      This device can keep 30 cryptographs without any loss after power off.
Test and copy the IC Card of the administration system of a cyber bar
The test may be implemented with the IC Card un-issued from the administration system in reference to the above steps or with the copied IC Card. The latter is recommended as follows:
1.        Prepare an IC Card un-issued from the administrative system, called as mother card, and a blank IC Card with cryptograph of FFFFFFH, called as slave card.
2.        Copy the content from mother card to salve card and confirm the identities of the content and fusing of the two cards, because the re-writing of the upper 32 bytes existing in SLE4442 and every unit of SLE4428 are depended on the fusing. The fusing bytes of salve card cannot be rewritten and copied exactly.
1)        Verify the content. Use “Rapid Copier of IC Card” as follows: press “read” to input the data of mother card, then press “verification” and insert slave card, “8” indicating the same content.
2)        Check the fusing identities of the first 32 units of SLE4442. In some systems, the card will be identified by checking the fusing of one of the first 32 units. Insert mother card and salve card into “Rapid Copier of IC Card” respectively and observe the values shown on the display. The same value is acceptable.
3.        Test the cryptograph with mother card following the above details.
4.        Modify the cryptograph of slave card with the one tested by the decryption device.
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